Development of a next-generation of non-coding RNA-based therapies for genetic diseases


Gabriella Viero



Institute of Biophysics - CNR



RNA metabolism at large, and translation in particular, are increasingly recognized as defective hubs in untreatable conditions such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, from Alzheimer and Parkinson to Muscular Dystrophies. 
Ribosomes are the core of translation, which is the most energy consuming process in cells, with rRNA and tRNAs draining 80-90% of all transcriptional events. Ribosome composition is not fixed and uniform, but heterogeneous and modulated at the level of ribosomal protein composition, ribosome associated proteins, rRNA variants, post-translational or post-transcriptional modifications.  Based on our published and unpublished results about ribosome heterogeneity and Spinal Muscular Atrophy, we will leverage this ribosome- and heterogeneity-based mechanistic model of disease pathogenesis to foster the discovery and pre-clinical development of a new generation of RNA-based therapies and biomarkers.

Relevant Publications

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