Development of new RNA-targeting compounds RIBOTAC and Stereopure Oligonucleotides and peptides  conjugates


Walter Cabri



Department of Chemistry G Ciamician, University of Bologna




We aim to overcome some RNA drug limitations by implementing new platforms based on a multi-targeted (multi-pronged) approach that includes different modalities that are now under scrutiny essentially in the USA by a few companies and research groups. The development of new chemical entities (NCE) based on different modalities can open new therapeutic routes to RNA drugs with different and patient-friendly administration routes, limiting toxic side effects. The synthetic processes will be based on sustainable synthesis
The main focus are the development of new technologies for stereopure ASO to simplify the drug characterization and understand off target toxicity of ASP. RIBOnuclease TArgeting Chimeras (RIBOTACs) that is a promising area of investigation for the development of new modalities. And Mixed modalities based on small molecules, ASO, peptides and PNAs (Michele Saviano collaboration). In addition we will explore the application of new technologies for the rapid development of RNAs targeted drugs like FFF platforms.


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PI: Michele Saviano