RNA-based therapies by microRNA restoration and circular RNA targeting for T-cell chronic lymphoproliferative disorders


Stefania Bortoluzzi




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T large granular lymphocyte leukemia (T-LGLL) is a chronic lymphoproliferative disease whose pathogenesis is still not completely understood and lacking a curative therapy. We contributed to the definition of the genetic bases of T-LGLL and recently described the transcriptome aberrancies in this malignancy, collecting relevant preliminary data about the dysregulation of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in leukemia cells.

CircRNAs, stable transcripts generated by backsplicing, are versatile regulators of biological processes, control oncogenic axes and are nowadays regarded as very interesting molecules to be explored as biomarkers and, particularly, for their involvement in disease mechanisms, their potential as new therapeutic targets, or therapeutic molecules themselves.

Our group has valuable experience on circRNA molecular biology and bioinformatics and we recently provided new evidence about circRNA roles in acute leukemias. 

In this project, by omics and functional studies, we will disclose and validate circRNA dysregulation in T-LGLL. Next, we will leverage circRNAs by silencing experiments in-vitro, to study their involvement in relevant disease mechanisms as a prerequisite for the development of circRNA targeting therapies. 

Innovative bioinformatics methods to characterize circRNAs are expected as a valuable by-product of this project, and broader applications, in other malignancies, for circRNA-based therapies strategies are also envisaged. 

Selected publication (2023)

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Selected publication (2022)

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