RNA-based therapies by microRNA restoration and circular RNA targeting for T-cell chronic lymphoproliferative disorders


Stefania Bortoluzzi




University of Padova



T large granular lymphocyte leukemia (T-LGLL) is a lymphoproliferative disease whose pathogenesis is still not completely understood and for which a curative therapy is missing. The course of the disease is chronic with cytopenias, particularly neutropenia, being the clinical manifestations most impacting the patient quality of life and survival.
Recent high-throughput miRNome analyses linked STAT3 activation, one of the key hallmarks of T-LGLL, to aberrant expression of specific miRNAs, which contribute to the disease pathogenesis. We demonstrated that miR-146b deletion plays a direct role in the development of neutropenia, providing the proof of principle demonstration that miR-146b restoration can be an effective RNA-based therapeutic approach. In this project, by deep transcriptomic and proteomic analyses, we are investigating miR-146b restoration effects in leukemic T-LGL, to fully elucidate its involvement in leukemia development. In parallel, we are designing  new strategies for miRNA effective intracellular delivery using engineered lipoplexes, with efficacy tests in ex-vivo leukemic T-LGL. Next, the biosafety of miRNAs restoration in vivo and of the developed carrier, will be evaluated. 
The project will lead to the development of a miRNA restoration therapy for T-GLL, an orphan disease, as well as valuable technical advances in the generation of selective and efficient targeted nanocarriers functionalized with novel condensing agents for therapeutic nucleic acids, with broader applications in other clinical settings.

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